Safety is Top Priority at Kelly Janitorial

Even the most pristine and alluring locales devaluate if the environments are deemed insanitary or unsafe. Because companies spend more than $170B on occupational injuries and illnesses annually, our goal is to help minimize any health or safety risks at your place of business

Whether working around electrical equipment or cleaning windows, our core operation depends on the safety of our staff and our clients on every shit at every site. Our staff receives top-notch training on how to sterilize equipment, remain hygienically and environmentally conscious, communicate and work carefully together, effectively handle materials, and securely dispose of waste.

Safety First

Kelly’s Janitorial has effective safety management systems in place. Our staff is willing and able to recognize and report any hazards or unsafe conditions that could impact them, customers and or the general public.

For our employees, our safety procedures reduce injuries and improve morale. For our clients, it continues our safe performance and overall productivity while cutting costs.

We have built our strong reputation by continuous cleaning improvements and undergoing a certification program that affirms our ability to remove harmful germs, allergens, and bacteria and align with your company’s energy-reduction and go-green initiatives.

Contact us to learn how our health and safety awareness programs listed below can enhance risk management goals.

  • Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure
  • Electrical Safety
  • Environmental Health and Safety Assessment
  • Ergonomic Safety
  • Hazard Assessment Program
  • Fall Protection Program
  • Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication
  • Job Hazard Analysis Protocol
  • Incident Report and Investigations Program
  • Injury, Illness and Prevention Program
  • Lockout/Tag out Program
  • Site Safety Inspection Program
  • Walking Working Surfaces Platform